Nadir Shah's Throne In Topkapi Palace Museum

Nadir Shah’s Throne In Topkapi Palace – Chapter 1

Nadir Shah’s Throne In Topkapi Palace – Chapter 1,

Nadir Shah, known to historians as Nadir Shah-i Afsari, was a commander of the Afsar Turks. He became extremely powerful, and in 1736 he threw Iranian ruler Shah Abbas the Third off the throne and took his place. He had a great army with which he could have conquered the whole of Asia. He made preparations for a campaign against India, which at that time was ruled by the Baburs and was one of the richest countries in Asia. Their dazzling palaces were the subject of a thousand and one tales, and the countless diamonds, rubies, and emeralds in their treasuries were legendary. Nadir Shah set out for this legendary land with the dream of conquering it. When he overcame the Indian Emperor Muhammed Shah and captured Delhi he realized that his dream had come true. He loaded the gold and precious stones from the Delhi treasuries. Among the other treasures, he discovered the Keyka’vus Throne. Decorated with huge pearls, green emeralds, and red rubies, it was beyond the power of words to describe its beauty or put a price on it. The Indian treasures were loaded onto camels and elephants and carried to Iran by caravan. The Indian campaign had been successful. The fame of Nadir Shah increased still further. Then he decided to go on a campaign against the Ottomans. He got as far as Kars and then decided that it would be more profitable to stay on good terms with the Ottomans, and in 1746 they signed a peace treaty. To celebrate this peace the two sides decided to send each other valuable gifts.

You can find more details about Nadir Shah’s Throne In Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul in Chapter 2.

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