The Emerald Dagger In Topkapi Palace Museum

The Treasury of Topkapi Palace Museum – Chapter 1

The Treasury of Topkapi Palace Museum – Chapter 1,

Throughout the centuries the Ottoman sultans gathered into what was known as the Imperial Treasury, the Rulers’ or the Inner (Enderun) Treasury, innumerable objects of inestimable value both from a historical and artistic point of view and from the point of view of the magnificence and wealth which they represented. From this inexhaustible fund, the sultans made frequent gifts to those of their subjects they wished to gratify. The first part of the treasure is housed in the dressing room of the Hamam already mentioned. The enormous dome, the stalactite niches, the plaster work on the windows, are features of this building which testify to its being an architectural masterpiece. Its chief claim to historical importance is it’s having been the scene of the death of Selim II. In this room (22) which had fallen into ruin and was subsequently restored, can be seen jade objects of many different periods, ornamented with emeralds, rubies, and diamonds; unique zinc pitchers and drinking cups, writing sets made of rock crystal decorated with pro curious stones, the earliest dating back to the Fatimi period; oil lamps, a collection of pipes and narghiles, watches and clocks, gold and jade book covers, all studded with precious stones; similarly adorned coffee cups, spoons, snuffboxes, combs, belts and finally a magnificent collection of prayer beads. The second se3tion of the treasure is in one of the loveliest of the kiosks built by Mehmet II, overlooking the Marmara and the Bosphorus. The boundless booty and wealth brought here by Selim I filled the kiosk to overflowing, and with time its doors and windows were blocked up and additional space for treasure was added, so that the little building became unrecognizable. In recent years it has been restored, its splendid front gate and windows have been opened and the columns of the front portico dug out of the wall in which they had been encased. The gratings and walls around the portico of the kiosks have been taken down so that from here one can watch in fascination an unparalleled panorama stretching from the Marmara to the Bosphorus.

You can continue to find more details about The Treasury of Topkapi Palace Museum in Chapter 2.

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