Artemis Temple Ephesus Turkey

Artemis Temple Ephesus Turkey – Chapter 1

Artemis Temple Ephesus Turkey – Chapter 1,

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus was one of the famed seven wonders of the world. Historians say that the temple, of which today only the foundations remain, was rebuilt at least four times in antiquity. The fourth temple which was built by the famous Lydian King Croesus, was set on fire by a madman on the eve of Alexander’s birthday on July 21, 355 When Alexander the Great visited Ephesus at the start of his march through Asia and learned that the temple had been burned down on the night of his birthday he asked that it be rebuilt and offered to pay all of the building expenses only stipulating that his name be inscribed on the new temple.
This proposal was not well received by the people of Ephesus: Our temple is dedicated to the Goddess Artemis. We recognize you as a God but it is not seemly to have one temple dedicated to two gods, they said politely and set about collecting money among themselves in order to finance its construction for the fifth time. This new temple was the largest and most beautiful temple which had ever been constructed in the world. All the treasure of Ephesus was hidden there. As a result, it was pillaged time after time, and after the Christian Byzantines had finished with it and the Romans before them it was in ruins. Its remains were used to construct new buildings, and it is said that some of the columns of the temple were carried to Istanbul and incorporated into the construction of the church of Saint Sophia. Because the people of Ephesus had chosen Artemis as their protector they had a large scale statue of her made which was placed in the temple.
Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto according to myth and the twin sister of Apollo. She, Hike Apollo, carried a bow and gold arrows, and the land and sea would shake when she shot one of her gold arrows. This beautiful goddess symbolized skill and was the protector of wild animals, virgin girls, children, and shepherds.

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