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Cappadocia Cave City Turkey

Cappadocia Cave City Turkey,

Goreme (Avcilar)
Avcilar is a town located 500 meters west of Goreme rock churches and laid in Goreme Valley, embraced by natural beauties and ancient ruins. This location with an area of approximately 5 sq.m. is decorated with attractive fairy chimneys rock cavities and iconoclastic churches. Inhabitants of this locality live alongside such magnificent fairy chimneys and rock cavities. They sometimes protect themselves against cold winter and hot summer conditions by adding rooms to certain cavities to live in. Such rooms are warm in winter and cool, in summer. Some of those are today serving as pensions for tourism purposes. One should overlook from vineyards located 2 km west of town from Ughisar Castle in order to see fairy chimneys and vast beauties in Cappadocia. The people in Avcilar (Goreme) are well conscious of the importance of tourism and consider it a task to render services in that respect. They offer both to local and foreign tourist the traditional Turkish hospitality with hotels, motels, campings and pensions built within their own capabilities in the region.

Ortahisar is a pretty township of Urgup, situated one km. to the south of the Nevwhir-Kayseri highway. Its main attraction is a marvelous fort, similar to the one in Ughisar. From this fort, both foreign and local tourists have a magnificent view of the Goreme Valley. Such fortresses were used in Christian times as centers of communication as well as places of refuge.
The village also possesses hundreds of storage places for lemons; some of them are still in use after being restored. So efficient is their ventilation system that lemons may be kept in them for a whole year. Carpet-Weaving, vine-pressing are the other major occupation of natives. The frescoes of “Uzumlu Kilise” (Church with Grapes) indicate that this was a vine-growing district also in ancient times.

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