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Cappadocia Underground Cities in Turkey

Cappadocia Underground Cities in Turkey,

There is a very good air circulation going away down to the lower layers. Especially the Derinkuyu Underground city being cleaned up to the last layers plays a great role in the air circulation. When we go near the air chimney on the 7th layer we can see that the chimney draws cigarette smoke down. And when we go towards the exit door on the same layer we can see that the cigarette smoke goes up continuously. The temperature in these parts is 7-8 degrees both in summer and winter. Only the places far away from air chimneys reach 13-15 degrees. One of the interesting parts is that the holes opened from the first layer of the city, have a diameter of 10 cms and a length of 3-4 meters. It is possible that these holes were made with a wooden drill having metal points. It is evident that they were used for the communication system. We can see two holes near each other at some places and single holes in other places. What kind of people were they who made the above mentioned underground cities? Detailed information about the lifestyle and the administration system of these underground people has not been obtained yet. We just know that many families used the same kitchen because we find very few kitchens in these underground cities that had lots of inhabitants. But the population of those days was more dense than today. We have come to that conclusion because the slopes of the surrounding mountains and hills were completely divided and had small gardens used for agricultural purposes. They divided and had small gardens used for agricultural purposes. The people of this region live the same way today. The slopes of said hills and mountains are used as pastures today. Of course, there is nothing that mankind cannot do. This different world existed because of oppression and disappeared and excites people’s curiosity of nowadays people and makes them wonder.

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