Old Catalhoyuk Hattusa Civilization

Old Catalhoyuk Hattusa Civilization – Chapter 2

Old Catalhoyuk Hattusa Civilization – Chapter 2,

Their houses which were generally joined one to another were entered by steps going down into the houses from the roofs. They had ovens. Because they had not yet discovered metal they had made weapons out of obsidian. Stone and clay figurines of pregnant women were found, making it clear that the core of their belief was in the Mother Goddess. And heads of bulls were found in their temples which must also have had some religious significance. No one can deny the beauty and delicacy of their painted pots and bowls decorated with geometric designs. During the years of the Catalhoyuk excavations, I followed the studies closely as Director of Konya Museum. I will never forget the day when the grave of the owner of the house was opened inside a brick room. They were working painstakingly with needles and we were standing beside them looking on. Beside the skeleton in the grave, they discovered a shining hand mirror made of polished black obsidian. It was clear that it was the grave of a woman, Even when they have died women still cannot do without a mirror. And what was really interesting was that on the right side of the skeleton was a small clay pot containing dark red paint which must have been the woman’s rouge and lipstick. Which shows that women were the same ten thousand years ago as they are today. So many necklaces made of painted stones and bones were found in the Catalhoyuk excavations that those who saw them were left astonished. But to cut a long story short the Catalhoyuk excavations went on until 1965, and the findings were exhibited in the main rooms of the Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, making up a nine and ten-thousand-year-old treasury. Such an archaeological discovery has not been seen in any other country in the world.

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