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Cappadocia Goreme Open Air Museum Churches

Cappadocia Goreme Open Air Museum Churches,

Church Of The Apple (Elmali Kilise)
This church was carved into the rock at the right side of the road passed the Girl’s convent while going to the region of Churches. A dome was placed over four pillars. It has one big and two small apses. Although the frescoes of the Iconoclastic Age remained clean, some broken and separated parts can be seen. On the walls, there are pictures symbolizing the sanctification of Jesus inside the dome and the baptizing of Jesus, his migration to Jerusalem, the Last Supper, the crucifixion and treachery of one of the Apostles, named Judas. Because a round form, seen in the hand of Jesus Christ appears in one of the pictures on the wall, resembles an apple, this church was called The Church of the Apple”. But according to some researchers, this form actually symbolizes the earth.

Dark Church (Karanlik Kilise)
It is one of the churches with a dome made of four pillars. It has a big apsis and two small ones on each side. It is one of the most beautiful churches built in the 11th century. The paintings are still lively and the colors have not faded because of very little sunlight penetrated inside. It only has a small window giving on the outside. Because of this the church is gloomy and was named “Dark Church”… The facts related in the Gospel were represented beautifully by pictures on the walls of this church. The sanctification of Jesus, the last supper.
Three Kings giving presents to Jesus, his help to sinful people, his baptism and crucifixion, the treachery of Judas, one of the Apostles, the figures of Mark and John and of the Apostles are frescoes attracting attention to the dome.

The Church With The Shoes (Carikli Kilise)
Although its frescoes are damaged in parts, the picture showing Christ is in good condition and because of the shoe prints visible at the bottom of the picture, it has been called Carikli Kilise (the Church with the Shoes). Carikli is a kind of mocassin. Other frescoes include scenes from Christ’s Birth, Crucifixion, and one showing Abraham’s hospitality.

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