Nadir Shah's Throne In Topkapi Palace Museum

Nadir Shah’s Throne In Istanbul Topkapi Palace Museum – Chapter 3

Nadir Shah’s Throne In Istanbul Topkapi Palace Museum – Chapter 3,

Today in the third room of the Treasury in Topkapi Palace is exhibited an Indian made throne which dazzles the eyes. This throne, which was known for many years as the Shah Ismail Throne, is now known to be none other than the Keykavus Throne which Nadir Shah sent as a gift to the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud the First in 1747. Studies of the throne on the basis of documented evidence were only recently carried out, proving that this throne was, in fact, that of Nadir Shah which was brought to the Treasury in 1758, and not that which Yavuz Sultan Selim took from Shah Ismail. The throne is a masterpiece of painstaking work by Indian craftsmen. It rests on 4 feet, its edges being in the form of a raised table. At the front is a low chair on which to rest the feet, and on the seat of the throne is a cushion decorated with gold thread and pearls. The entire surface of the throne is covered with gold, ornamented with red and green enamel and decorated with rubies, emeralds, and pearls. There are many other thrones in Topkapi Palace Museum. For example the Arife Throne (Eve Throne) of Sultan Ahmed the First decorated with mother of pearl and precious stones, the Bayram Throne (Festival Throne) made in the 18th Century from solid gold and decorated with 955 topaz, the War Throne made in the 17th Century and ornamented with ivory and mother of pearl, and the Gold Domed Throne, made in the 16th Century and now exhibited in the Arz Room. But all eyes are on the Nadir Shah Throne, a throne of unparalleled beauty which is visited by thousands of visitors every day, who gaze at it in wonder and admiration. Please note that Topkapi Palace Museum is open every day all year round except Tuesday.

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