The Emerald Dagger In Topkapi Palace Museum

The Emerald Dagger In Topkapi Palace Museum – Chapter 1

The Emerald Dagger In Topkapi Palace Museum – Chapter 1,

In 1964 an American film called ‘Topkapi’ was shown all over the world. The story of this film took place in Istanbul: A gang smuggling antiquities plan to steal the Emerald Dagger worth millions from Topkapi Palace. In the end with the aid of the measures taken at Topkapi to prevent antiquities being stolen, and the admirable efforts of the Turkish police the members of the gang are caught and the Emerald Dagger put back in its place. The film ‘Topkapi’ was shown in almost every cinema in the world, making Topkapi Palace and the Emerald Dagger famous all over the world. Foreigners coming to Istanbul wanted above all to see the Emerald Dagger. Picture postcards depicting the Dagger and cheap imitations were the most popular of the souvenirs sold on the streets of Istanbul. The world’s largest tourist and travel agencies printed posters showing the dagger, and the Emerald Dagger became the most famous of all the treasures and masterpieces of Topkapi Palace. When was the Emerald Dagger made? How did it get to Topkapi Palace? Is it really valuable? To answer these questions we first have to relate the following story: There was once an Oguz Turk from Avsar called Nadir Han, who defeated the Safevi dynasty and took over the Iranian throne under the name Nadir Shah and proceeded to make great conquests. First, he led a campaign against the Timurogullari in India. He conquered their capital city of Delhi and carried off all the legendary Indian treasures to Iran. Among these treasures was the famous Keykavus Throne which is now in Topkapi Palace and now known as the Nadir Shah Throne. He extended his campaign to Turkistan and the Caucasus and then decided to establish friendly relations with the Ottomans. An agreement was signed between the two states, and Nadir Shah entrusted the task of taking many valuable gifts to the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud the First to two of his trusted men of the state, Sanli Mustafa Han, and Mehmed Mehdi Han. Among these gifts was the Keykavus Throne from among the treasures found in Delhi.

You can continue to find more details about The Emerald Dagger In Topkapi Palace Museum Istanbul in Chapter 2.

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