The Flowered Shield Topkapi Palace in Istanbul

Istanbul Topkapi Palace Museum Sections

Istanbul Topkapi Palace Museum Sections,

Picture Gallery:
The pictures exhibited in the three halls on the second floor of the same building are for the most part portraits of Ottoman rulers, of some of the sultanas end princes and of great statesmen of the Empire. There are works of the Italian, French and Spanish schools and also works by Turkish artists. In addition, there is a precious collection of miniatures of Ottoman rulers and personalities by such well-known miniaturists as Sinan Bey, Nigiari, Osman, Naksai, Levni and Abdullah.

Section Of Turkish Velvets And Brocades:
This building was formed by walking in the portico of the Apartment of the Mantle of Felicity and houses an imposing collection of Turkish velvets and brocades from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries, arranged in chronological order. Some of the gold brocades woven in special workshops for the sultans are finer than anything of the sort to be found elsewhere. The colors and the motifs used are endless in variety and show great skill and maturity.

The New Library:
This building, better known as the Mosque of the Akas, probably dates from the time of the Conqueror. A small mosque was added to it later, and it was al-so connected with the mosque of the Harem. When the Museum has founded thousands of books and inscriptions removed from the Kiosk of Revan and Bagdad lay in cases in the Treasury. These were moved to this mosque, in company with the contents of the libraries of Medina, of Mehmet V and of Tiryal Hanim, each of which however is cataloged separately. Works added library after this date from what is k atm ii as the New Collection. There are now 10, 623 manuscripts and 3739 printed books various languages in these collections, many (4 which are incunabula or are rendered, unique Hick. bindings by their miniatures or other illusralimis.

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