The Spoon Diamond in Topkapi Palace Museum Istanbul

The Spoon Diamond in Istanbul Topkapi Palace Museum – Chapter 2

The Spoon Diamond in Istanbul Topkapi Palace Museum – Chapter 2,

Experts investigated the subject, and in recent years came up with a new story, which goes as follows: In 1774 a French officer called Pigot bought a diamond from the Maharaja of Madras in India and brought it to France. After changing hands several times it was offered for sale, and bought by Napoleon’s mother. She Wore it for a long time, but when Napoleon was sent into exile his elderly mother sold the diamond to help her son. At that time there was a man called Tepedelenli All Pasha in France who bought the diamond for 150 thousand pieces of gold. Tepedelenli Ali Pasha was killed when there was an uprising against Sultan Mahmud the Second, his wealth was seized by the state, and everything carried to the Ottoman treasury. Thus the diamond bought from Napoleon’s mother which later won fame with the name Spoon Diamond entered the treasury. It is known that the diamond is known as the Pigot diamond in France, and which was bought by Tepedelenli Ali Pasha, was 86 karats. The Spoon Diamond in Topkapi Palace today is also 86 karats… The Pigot diamond can be none other than the Spoon Diamond in Topkapi Palace. Among the 22 diamonds which are famous in the world is the ‘Koh-i Nur’ of 191 karats, which was also found in India. Today it is in the treasury of the Queen of England. The ‘Derya-Nur’ or ‘Sea of Light’ diamond is today kept in the Iranian National Bank. The ‘Southern Star’ diamond and the Pigot or Spoon diamond in Topkapi are among these 22 world famous diamonds. Experts are of the opinion that the two rows of 49 brilliants surrounding the diamond were placed there much later on, by either Tepedelenli All Pasha or Sultan Mahmud the Second. These brilliants add to the value of the Spoon Diamond by as much again. The Spoon Diamond leaves all the gold, silver, rubies, and emeralds in the Topkapi Palace Treasury in the shade. The Spoon Diamond is a masterpiece of beauty, which decorated favorites, Queens, and Sultan mothers attracting looks of wonder, and today it smiles at visitors from its showcase in which it stands alone… Like a bouquet of light.

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